Biacore systems enable the measurement and characterization of almost any type of biomolecular interaction from sub-100Da molecules up to whole cells, viruses and nanoparticles, without the need for labels, providing high-quality data on binding affinity, kinetics and specificity, as well as concentration measurements based on specific binding activity. Real-time, label-free detection of interactions is provided by surface plasmon resonance (SPR), which measures changes in mass concentration close to a sensor surface.

Biacore systems are used in areas such as pharmaceutical drug discovery, antibody characterization, immunogenicity, biotherapeutic development and manufacture, and throughout life science research. Key applications include:

  • Quantification of binding affinity & kinetics
  • Determination of binding specificity and number of binding sites
  • Characterization of mechanism of action
  • Confirmation of biomolecule binding to target
  • Screening of fragment libraries
  • Validation of IC50/EC50 values during hit-to-lead
  • Characterization of immune responses

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