2013 News Archive

Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility AMAZEs and wins Queen’s prize
The past few weeks have been very exciting for the Manchester X-ray Imaging Facility (MXIF) based at the RCaH. On November 27-29, Over 70 people from across Europe attended the MXIF hosted AMAZE plenary meeting at RCaH, representing over 20 companies including the European Space Agency, BAE, EADS, and Thales". 19 December 2013
Protein production facility wins new funding
The Oxford Protein Production Facility-UK (OPPF-UK) is a UK core facility for protein production located in the Research Complex at Harwell. The project has recently received further funding of £2.3M from the MRC to provide a range of highly specialized technologies incorporating robotic systems. 11 November 2013
MRC Centenary and Open Day at RCaH
RCaH welcomed over a hundred students and members of the public at its open day on Thursday 20th June 2013, to commemorate the 2013 centenary of the Medical Research Council (MRC). Visitors were able to see cutting edge RCaH science in action, talk to the scientists about their work and even do experiments themselves to extract DNA from strawberries. 19 July 2013
Teaching high throughput methods
From May 16th to 24th, the Research Complex at Harwell hosted an EMBO practical course on high throughput protein production and crystallization. 31 May 2013
New Super Microscopes at the Research Complex
In an STFC-MRC partnership, RCaH researchers will build and install new super microscopes, aimed at a better understanding of diseases such as cancer and deafness. 26 February 2013
RCaH announced as location for EPSRC UK Catalysis Hub
The Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) is to become a research hub for catalytic science, following an announcement of £12.9 million of funding from EPSRC for the UK Catalysis Hub initiative. 31 January 2013