2012 News Archive

Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy now available at the RCaH
The Lasers for Science Facility has built a bespoke fluorophore localisation microscope for carrying out the family of super-resolution techniques that includes stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) and photoactivated localisation microscopy (PALM). 30 October 2012
305 million-year-old baby insects revealed by RCaH researchers
An RCaH / University of Manchester research team has used X-ray techniques to describe two 305 million-year-old juvenile insects. 30 October 2012
PhD student wins international award
Marleen Kerssens, a PhD student co-supervised by Prof. Pavel Matousek (STFC’s Central Laser Facility, Research Complex at Harwell) has won a Coblentz Society Student Award for 2012. 08 October 2012
Centre for Catalytic Science secures EPSRC equipment funding
The Centre for Catalytic Science, led by Prof. Richard Catlow, has secured £675, 000 funding for equipment to be based at RCaH. 30 May 2012
RCaH researcher wins prize
Stephen Carr has won the David Blow Memorial prize for best poster in the Biological Structures Group at the 2012 annual meeting of the British Crystallographic Association. 11 May 2012
RCaH Researcher honoured
Professor Pavel Matousek of the Central Laser Facility within the Research Complex at Harwell has been elected a Fellow of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS), a prestigious international society based in the USA. 30 April 2012
Refining our view of amorphous silicon
Amorphous silicon is a very important component of many electronic devices, and its structure was widely thought to be completely irregular. This may not be quite true, according to RCaH and University of Oxford researcher Konstantin Borisenko. 11 April 2012
Simone Weyand has won the prestigious John Kendrew Young Scientist Award
Simone Weyand, a structural biologist from Imperial College London who works at the Research Complex at Harwell (RcaH), has won the prestigious John Kendrew Young Scientist Award of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. 19 March 2012
New Doctoral Training Partnership with White Rose Universities
The White Rose universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, in partnership with the Research Complex, have won a major £6m award to support a BBSRC joint Doctoral Training Partnership in Mechanistic Biology. 21 February 2012
RCaH researchers focus on target for cholesterol-lowering drugs
RCaH researchers have used X-ray crystallography at the Diamond Synchrotron to study the structure of the NDM-1 enzyme in detail. 25 January 2012