2010 Publications

Structural Insights into Substrate Specificity in Variants of N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Lyase Produced by Directed Evolution
Ivan Campeotto, Amanda H Bolt, Thomas A Harman, Catriona Dennis, Chi H Trinh, Simon E V Phillips, Adam Nelson, Arwen R Pearson, Alan Berry
Link: Journal of Molecular Biology, Volume 404, Pages 56 - 69

Exploring the Roles of the Metal Ions in Escherichia coli Copper Amine Oxidase
Mike A Smith, Pascale Pirrat, Arwen R Pearson, Christian Kurtis, Chi H Trinh, Thembaninkosi G Gaule, Peter F Knowles, Simon E V Phillips, Michael J McPherson
Link: Biochemistry, Volume 49, Pages 1268-1280

Rise of the molecular machines - Editorial overview
Karolin Luger, Simon E V Phillips
Link: Current Opinion in Structural Biology, Volume 20, Pages 70-72

Structures of alternatively spliced isoforms of human ketohexokinase
Chi H Trinh, Aruna Asipu, David T Bonthron, Simon E V Phillips
Link: Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography, Volume D56, Pages 201-211

Non-invasive analysis of turbid samples using deep Raman spectroscopy
Kevin Buckley, Pavel Matousek
Link: RSC, DOI:10.1039/cOan00723d

Crystal Structures of Penicillin-Binding Protein 3 from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Comparison of Native and Antibiotic-Bound Forms
Sarah Sainsbury, Louise Bird, Vincenzo Rao, Sharon M Shepherd, David I Stuart, William N Hunter, Raymond J Owens, Jingshan Ren
Link: Journal of Molecular Biology, Volume 405, Pages 173-184

Novel structural features in two ZHX homeodomains derived from a systematic study of single and multiple domains
L E Bird, J Ren, J E Nettlesihp, G E Folkers, R J Owens
J Struct Biol, Volume 10, Page 13

The crystal structure of NGO0477 from Neisseria gonorrhoeae reveals a novel protein fold incorporating a helix-turn-helix motif
J Ren, S Sainsbury, J E Nettleship, N J Saunders, R J Owens
Proteins, Volume 7, Pages 1798-17802

Structural and functional insights of RANKL-RANK interaction and signaling
C Liu, T S Walter, P Huang, S Zhang, X Zhu, Y Wu, L R Wedderburn, P Tang, R J Owens, D I Stuart, J Ren, B Gao
J Immunol, Volume 184, Pages 6910-9

The structure of a reduced form of OxyR from Neisseria meningitidis
S Sainsbury, J Ren, J E Nettleship, N J Saunders, D I Stuart, R J Owens
J Struct Biol, Volume 10, Page 10

Recent advances in the production of proteins in insect and mammalian cells for structural biology
J E Nettleship, R Assenberg, J M Diprose, N Rahman-Huq, R J Owens
J Struct Biol, Volume 172, Pages 55-65

XXII Int Conference on Raman Spectroscopy
P Matousek
AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 16-17

Transmission Raman spectroscopy as a tool for quantifying polymorphic content of pharmaceutical formulations
A Aina, M D Hargreaves, P Matousek, J C Burley
Analyst, Volume 135, Pages 2328-2333

Focal adhesions are sites of integrin extension
J A Askari, et al
J of Cell Biology, Volume 188, Pages 891-903

Imaging integrin alpha 5 beta 1 conformation on adherent cells
J A Askari, et al
Int J of Experimental Biology, Volume 91, Pages A25

Structure and Ultrafast Dynamics of the Charge-Transfer Excited State and Redox Activity of the Ground State of Mono- and Binuclear Platinum (II) Diimine Catecholate and Bis-catecholate Complexes: A Transient Absorption, TRIR, DFT, and Electrochemical Study
J Best, et al
Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 49, Pages 10041-10056

Interactions of the beta-blocker drug, propranolol, with detergents
R H Bisby, et al
Spectroscopy an International Journal, Volume 24, Pages 137-142

Use of near infrared femtosecond lasers as sub-micron radiation microbeam for cell DNA damage and repair studies
S W Botchway, P Reynolds, A Parker, P O'Neill
Mutation Research - Reviews in Mutation Research, Volume 704, Pages 38 - 44

One and two photon fluorescent complexes of rhenium and their technetium analogues
S W Botchway, J R Dilworth, M Salichou
Dalton Transactions, Volume 39, Pages 5219-5220

Excited state dynamics and activation parameters of remarkably slow photoinduced CO loss from (eta(6)-Benzene)Cr(CO)(3) in n-Heptane Solution: A DFT and Picosecond-Time-Resolved infrared study
I P Clark, et al
J Physical Chem, Volume 114, Pages 11425-11431

Crystal growth and design characterization of new cocrystals by Raman Spectroscopy, Powder X-ray Diffraction, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, and Transmission Raman
M A Elbagerma, et al
Spectroscopy, Volume 10, Pages 2360-2371

Temporal and Spatial Resolution in Transmission Raman Spectroscopy
N Everall, P Matousek, N Macleod, K L Ronayne, I P Clark
Appl Spectrosc, Volume 64, Pages 52060

Understanding the factors affecting the activation of alkane by Cp'Rh(CO)(2)(Cp'=CP or Cp*)
M W George, et al
Proc Natl Acam Sci, USA, Volume 107, Pages 20178-20183

ULTRA: A Unique Instrument for Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
G M Greetham, et al
Appl Spectrosc, Volume 64, Pages 1311-1319

Self-association of Calcium-binding Protein S100A4 and Metastasis
T M Ismail, et al
J Biol Chem, Volume 285, Pages 914-922

Interaction of Poxvirus Intracellular Mature Virion Proteins with the TPR Domain of Kinesin Light Chain in Live Infected Cells Revealed by Two-Photon-Induced Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
A Jeshtadi, et al
J Virology, Volume 84, Pages 12886-12894

Investigating the vibrational dymaics of a 17e(-) metallocarbonyl intermediate using ultrafast two dimensional infrared spectroscopy
R Kania,e t al
Phys Chem Chem Phys, Volume 12, Pages 1051-1063

Femtosecond to Microsecond Photochemistry of a FeFe hydrogenase Enzyme Model Compound
S Kaziannis, et al
J Phys Chem, Volume B 114, Pages 15370-15379

Towards a safe non-invasive method for evaluating the carbonate substitution levels of hydroxyapatite (HAP) in micro-calcifications found in breast tissue
M M Kerssens, P Matousek, K Rogers, N Stone
Analyst, Volume 135, Pages 3156-3161

Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) to demonstrate the nuclear bindings of flavanols and ((-)-epigallocatechin gallate
I Mueller-Harvey, et al
Planta Medica, Volume 76, Pages 1167-1167

Infrared Characterization of the Guanin Radical Cation: Finger Printing DNA Damage
A W Parker, C Y Lin, M W George, M Towrie, M K Kuimova
J Phys Chem, Volume 114, Pages 3660-3667

Optically trapped probes with nanometer-scale tips for femto-Newton force measurement
M R Pollard, et al
New J Physics, Volume 12, Pages 1130560

Determination of the Photolysis Products of FeFe Hydrogenase Enzyme Model Systems using Ultrafast Multidimensional Infrared Spectroscopy
A I Stewart, et al
Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 49, Pages 9563-9573

Prospects of Deep Raman Spectroscopy for Non-invasive Detection of Conjugated Surface Enhanced Resonance Raman Scattering Nanoparticles Buries within 25 mm of Mammalian Tissue
N Stone, K Faulds, D Graham, P Matousek
Analytical Chemistry, Volume 82, Pages 3969-3973